Space 4 all

Austrian museums, observatories and planetariums and private initiatives.

Natural History Museum Vienna

The Meteorite Hall presents the world's largest meteorite exhibit with about 1,100 on display. With its 300 kg Knyahinya is one of the largest in the world. The exhibition explains meteorite showers, impact craters and answers the questions: "Where do meteorites come from?", "Where and how do I find meteorites?" or "What are meteorites made of?".

You can also watch meteors live via the meteor radar station. In an "Impact Simulator", visitors can control the extent of a possible destruction of the city of Vienna or Central Europe by the impact of asteroids with different sizes and velocities. A major highlight is a wide-screen animation on the „Origin of the solar system", specially produced for the NHM Vienna.
Furthermore, the stations include a unique display of all Austrian meteorites (including the Ischgl meteorite), fossil meteorites, as well as from Mars and the Moon.
Finally visitors can enjoy the fulldome planetarium and view planets through astronaut's eyes at the "Vision Globe".

Vienna Technical Museum 

"Old Space" and "New Space" at The Technisches Museum Wien (TMW) collection on space sience has three main focuses: Firstly, the "Space Race" between the USSR and the USA in the 1960s, and secondly "science fiction" objects and their influence on popular culture and science. The third focus is on current developments in space sience in industry in Austria.
In Austria a lively "New Space" startup scene has developed in recent years alongside the established space companies, and the museum is keen to document this: The prototype of the Lunar Lander of the TU-Space Team, the engineering model of the PEGASUS satellite of the FH Wiener Neustadt, the prototype of a Mars Rover of the Viennese startup "Team Tumbleweed" or the CAN-Sat of the HTL Rennweg, which won the Austrian ESERO competition of the same name in 2019, are all part of the collection. The TMW's online catalogue provides access to all space objects at any time.