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Austria in Space

VEDW - Versatile Electronics for Digitally Generated Waveforms

The present project has aimed at developing the critical building blocks of a Versatile High-end Signal Generator which can be used directly or only with few necessary modifications for a variety of applications. This approach has allowed Austrian Aerospace to acquire competence with new technologies and space components so the challenging technical problems can be solved in an innovative and forward-looking manner.

Austria in Space

VEX-MAG - Venus Express Magnetometer

Venus Express (VEX) is the first mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) to Venus. It aims at a global investigation of the Venusian atmosphere and plasma environment and addresses several important aspects of the geology and surface physics. Its payload comprises seven scientific instruments with heritage from Mars Express and Rosetta. VEX-MAG is a space qualified magnetometer with two sensors to measure the magnetic field magnitude and direction.

Austria in Space

VSAT - VSAT Monitoring System

The physical RF link of VSAT stations, especially the quality of the MF-TDMA return link, is crucial for ensuring high quality satellite communication. An accurate aligned antenna minimizes interference and secures the best physical way of maximizing the Bit/Hz/Year ratio. The SIECAMS VSAT monitoring system allows terminal per terminal measurement of RF quality parameters dedicated to MF-TDMA traffic transmitted from VSAT satellite networks without service interruption.

Austria in Space

eGame - Feasibility Study Project eGame

The current feasibility study can be seen as the first phase of a three phase interdisciplinary project called "Development of an integrated telemetry system for game management in matters of traffic security, protection forest and private forest based on navigation, communication, remote sensing, and GIS methods".