Summer Programmes

Special summer programmes around all aspects of space allow to further education and talent amongst participants of all ages and backgrounds.

Alpbach Summer School

Illustration of Alpbach

Held annually since 1975, the Alpbach Summer School is a talent incubator for European space issues. Each year about 60 selected participants from among the member and cooperating states of the European Space Agency work out in-depth studies on different topics of space research. Within ten days graduates, post-graduate students, young scientists and engineers develop concepts for future, innovative satellite missions.

ECSL Summer Course


One of ECSL's most successful activities is the ECSL Summer Course on Space Law and Policy, which is open to students of all levels of study, as well as a few young professionals already working in the space or space-related sectors.During the two-week course, participants attend intensive lectures and seminars given by leading university professors and space industry practitioners concerning the international and domestic legal and policy frameworks governing space activities and applications. The main objective of the Summer Course is to stimulate participants' interest in this particular field of law and policy and to provide them with a basic, solid knowledge upon which to build or enhance their professional career or carry out further academic research