Austrian Space Strategy

After developing the space expertise of industry and research institutes in Austria, the future development of Austrian space activities has been charted through a robust dialogue among Austrian stakeholders, resulting in an Austrian space strategy in 2012. Four defined objectives and related indicators guide the scope of action of the BMK until 2020. The objectives are monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.

Objective 1: Recognised and Visible Partner

Based on the successes achieved so far in science, research, technology and applications, Austria will endeavour to take a position in the European Space Policy in a thematically focused fashion, corresponding to its economic power and its status as a medium-sized space nation.

Austria will seek to assume international leadership in selected areas and thus support the research, technology and innovation strategy of the "Innovation Leader" in the overall system of innovation policy in Austria.

In joint space activities, Austrian actors will attempt to increasingly take over leading and coordinating roles.

Objective 2: Competitive Space Sector

Competitive Austrian companies will continue to be active along the entire industrial value chain in all segments of space activity.

Particular attention will be paid to the potential of space applications in creating high-quality jobs, and to technologies that enable a strategically advantageous positioning of Austrian companies in the international competitive environment.

For Austria to position itself in the operational phases of the European space infrastructure programmes, it will need to build on existing competencies of companies and research institutions.

Objective 3: Orientation Towards Application Potentials

The potential of space applications will be sustainably used for the commercialisation of high-class products and services and for the improvement of the quality of life and the safety of Austrian citizens. Austrian public authorities will seek to use European space infrastructures.

Objective 4: Sustainable Bases for Space Activities

Austrian competencies and the high level of expertise in the field of fundamental and application-oriented space science and research will be further strengthened through capacity building, networking and internationalisation.

The fascination of science and space will be used to arouse the spirit of research and curiosity and the interest in natural sciences of young people in particular.