Student Initiatives

Space is no longer reserved for nations or large private companies. Private student initiatives are now able to take part in the space industry, thanks to rockets and satellites becoming cheaper due to new technologies.

TU Wien Space Team

TU Space Team Logo

The TU Wien Space Team is a student organisation focussing on aerospace and space engineering at the TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology). It has more than 150 voluntary members working on several complex engineering projects like sounding rockets and their engines, small satellites and other aircrafts.

Students have the opportunity to gain relevant experience in different areas of (aero-)space engineering. Due to close cooperation with more than 50 partners and sponsors, ambitious projects are possible. At the moment the team is developing a suborbital liquid propellant rocket, a two-staged sounding rocket aiming for the European altitude record of student teams, a hybrid propellant rocket, a CubeSat and a hydrogen-driven autonomous drone.

Aerospace Team Graz

The Aerospace Team Graz is a team of motivated students of the TU Graz that aspire to build an aerospaceteam. Their current project is the development of a rocket in order to participate at the Spaceport America Cup in 2021. They are starting their first prototype this year with a purchased solid-state engine in order to test all systems and to understand the overall system. In parallel, they will develop their own hybrid rocket engine.