Experience space

Space is for everyone, and more intertwined with our everyday lives that a lot of people realize.

We use navigation services to guide us and to find our destinations. We use technology developed for the Apollo programme to dress ourselves and clean our houses. We rely on communication satellites to work, to reach out and to most importantly stay in contact with our friends and families.

Space is not just above us, it is all around us. And we can experience it on Earth!

The European Union Space Programmes use space for Earth by using satellite data to improve our daily life. On the other hand, museums, planetariums and observatories allow us to learn more about space and to travel to the stars, even if we're not astronauts ourselves. Private initiatives all over Austria help communicating the importance of space and to inspire the next generation of space explorers.

Astronomy Hotspots in Austria

Here you can find an overview of astronomy hotspots in Austria: