VEDW - Versatile Electronics for Digitally Generated Waveforms

The present project has aimed at developing the critical building blocks of a Versatile High-end Signal Generator which can be used directly or only with few necessary modifications for a variety of applications. This approach has allowed Austrian Aerospace to acquire competence with new technologies and space components so the challenging technical problems can be solved in an innovative and forward-looking manner.

Short Description

Generators of complex waveforms are key elements of a variety of space applications, as for example spaceborne radars, today implemented on national satellite missions such as Terrasar X or Cosmo-SkyMed and planned to be accommodated on radar satellites of international programs such as the European GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) initiative.

The functional and performance requirements applied to such signal generators are steadily pushed to the limits of what is feasible with the current state-of-the-art space technology. The availability of new components and technologies, and the aggravated performance requirements inhibit designs for new signal generator applications to be based on heritage to a wide extent.

In addition to the technical challenges space projects have to comply with other challenging constraints such as tight schedules and low budgets.

Saab Space of Sweden, as an international partner to the project, has contributed to this increase in know-how.

Project Partners


Austrian Aerospace - Walter Hoermanseder

International Partner

  • Saab Space
  • Gothenburg, Sweden

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Austrian Aerospace
Walter Hoermanseder
Stachegasse 16
1120 Vienna