Impacts and Countermeasures of Austrian PRS application scenarios in GNSS denied environments

Short Description

In PRSAustria Galileo PRS application scenarios will be analysed and tested regarding their real threat potential. The benefits but also drawbacks of PRS are examined and the robustness of PRS is demonstrated in contrast to the civilian signals under real conditions.

For this purpose GNSS jammers will be used (either real with the necessary permission or simulated) to evaluate current solution strategies and approaches to mitigate the effect in GNSS receivers.

Awareness building will be done by demonstrating and explaining the threat potential and its impacts from different points of view to the relevant authorities, stakeholders, and end-users. Strategies for Austria to take advantage of the benefits and overcome the drawbacks and threats are cooperatively elaborated.

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OHB Digital Solutions GmbH

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  • BRIMATECH Services GmbH
  • Ministry of Defence

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