The High Accuracy GALileo Commercial Service: Opportunities and risks for GNSS reference station network operators

Short Description

In line with the Galileo Services also a service liable to pay costs is foreseen in the time frame of 2017/18 (Commercial Service). This Commercial Service covers from a present point of view two core areas, namely a ‚High-Accurcacy Service (HA)' and an Authentication Service (AU).

The HA-Service promises based on global satellite orbit and clock corrections and utilizing the Precise Point Positioning (PPP) concept a positioning accuracy at the 1dm level and therefore competes against currently regionally operating GNSS reference network services.

Within this project the technical requirements, barriers and the options of this Galileo-CS HA-Services shall be investigated and it will be verified how GNSS-Reference Station Services can make use of internally available dense GNSS observations data to allow its customers a more efficient, more accurate and more rapid positioning (as compared to the CS Service).

In parallel a market survey shall evaluate which strategies and supplemental services offered by the regional GNSS-Station operator allow to successfully rise above the Galileo-CS.

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TU Wien - University of Technology Vienna

Project partner

  • BRIMATECH Services GmbH
  • ÖBB-Infrastruktur Aktiengesellschaft

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TU Wien - University of Technology Vienna
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