Thrust Scale Up and Life Time Extension Methods of Catalysts for Green Propellant Attitude Control Thrusters

Short Description

The project THRUSTUP investigates the method of staged combustion of Hydrogen Peroxide in catalytic converters of attitude control thrusters on satellites.

In Europe, the propellant hydrogen peroxide is currently discussed as a possible alternative to the highly toxic propellants: 

  • hydrazine,
  • mono-methylhydrazine and 
  • nitrogen tetroxide. 

The method shall offer a possibility to enhance the decomposition capability (mass flux) at nearly remaining catalyst dimensions (compact catalyst design at higher thrust levels – e.g. 10 to 20 Newton). On the other side, the method shall enhance also operational life of catalysts therefore of the thruster itself, which would further enhance satellite missions. A competitive advantage is expected against other hydrogen peroxide thruster developers in Europe.

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FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH

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