PAT+ - Product Access Technology for Pléiades User Services

Pléiades is a French Earth Observation satellite program carried out in cooperation with Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Sweden. Pléiades has also achieved the status of a "GMES Contributing Mission". PAT+ is an innovative technology for online data access to the Pléiades Ortho Products covering large geographical areas.

Short Description

Two Pléiades satellites are being launched in 2010 and 2011 and are offering a spatial resolution at nadir of 0.7 m and a coverage capacity necessary for fine cartography needs, notably in urban regions. The Pléiades product list includes Ortho Images and Ortho Mosaics which due to their geographic map projections can be integrated into Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

PAT+ is an innovative technology for online data access to the Pléiades Ortho Products covering large geographical areas and will be supplied by Austrian Research Centers GmbH - ARC. A requirements analysis and design study was carried out by ARC jointly with the designated Pléiades data distributor, the French company Spot Image.

The current status of this development (spring 2008) is that ARC have completed the architectural design and interface specifications. Available pilot and critical component implementations confirm the technical feasibility of PAT+ and the envisaged online data access functions. ARC plan to deliver and integrate the PAT+ system for pre-launch operations starting in 2009.

PAT+ is uniquely designed in that it combines features for:

  • ingestion of TerraByte-volume ortho products;
  • storage in a so-called Coverage Repository (i.e. generation and management of PAT+ Products as aggregated geocoded grid coverages in multi-resolution image pyramids);
  • viewing on the Internet via Web browser providing optimum user experience;
  • direct access delivery of PAT+ Products to dedicated client or user application software systems; this includes functionality for back-tracing of product generation history based on meta data;
  • Identity-centric user access management for implementation of data policy.

The PAT+ development enables ARC to continue a long-term international cooperation strategy with the developers of satellite Earth Observation interoperability infrastructure and user service systems. The perspective of PAT+ fits into the European initiative for Heterogenous Mission Access and related space standardization efforts which will be essential for the success of GMES.

Project Partners


ARC Austrian Research Centers GmbH - Gerhard Triebnig


Spot Image, S.A., France

Contact Address

ARC - Austrian Research Centers GmbH
Gerhard Triebnig
Donau-City-Straße 1
A-1220 Vienna