CASIMO2 - Carrier Signal Monitoring

CASIMO2 is a seamless enhancement of the carrier monitoring system based on and driven by customer requirements concerning the implementation of DSP based polarization discrimination measurements combined with enhanced demodulation functionality and satellite performance measurements.

Short Description

Siemens Space Business has developed a product, called SIECAMS (Siemens Carrier Monitoring System) for the monitoring of the signal spectrum transmitted via satellites, which is already in use at some major satellite operators. The product uses commercially available measurement equipment, which limits measurement speed and accuracy at rather significant equipment costs.

Most of the big satellite providers in the world are developing from a pure transponder capacity provider to a complete service provider. From this point of view and taking into account the new demands for providing bi-directional satellite services to more and more people (Internet access, video on demand, DVB-RCS, voice over IP, etc.) the numbers of customers directly accessing the space segment will continuously increase.

Due to these additional services and the increasing number of satellite channels the needs of satellite providers will dramatically change. The realization of this project enables satellite operators and service providers to supply their customers with sustained quality of service and enhanced security against interference and continuously monitoring the health status of the spacecraft transponders.

The main goal associated with this topic was to investigate DSP based demodulation functionalities in order to provide hidden carrier analyses and polarization discrimination measurements based on correlative signal processing techniques.

All parts are implemented and supported by SIECAMS in order to provide novel and highly sophisticated signal analyses functionality and spacecraft transponder performance measurements to the customer.

It should be mentioned that in contrast to other systems the polarization discrimination measurements and signal under carrier functionality will finally work during regular operation without any interruption and / or interference to existing services. From an operational point of view this will represent an unattained advantage compared with the capabilities of other systems.

Project Partners


Siemens AG Österreich, Siemens IT Solutions and Services PSE, Aerospace Industry Solutions


  • Joanneum Research, Graz
  • Department of Communication Networks and Satellite, Communication (Institut für Kommunikationsnetze und Satellitenkommunikation) IKS at the Technical University in Graz

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