CASIMO - Carrier Signal Monitoring

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Siemens Space Business has already developed a product, called SIECAMS (Siemens Carrier Monitoring System) for the monitoring of the signal spectrum transmitted via satellites, which has been in use at some major satellite operators. The product uses commercially available measurement equipment, that limits measurement speed and accuracy which in turn reduces equipment costs significantly.

During slice 1 of the Austrian Space Programme Joanneum Research and Siemens jointly developed a very powerful and cost efficient DSP based monitoring equipment which interacts with the Siemens Satellite Monitoring System SIECAMS.

This was the key for a successful bid for the European Satellite Provider Hellassat who used this system for the provision and monitoring of Radio/TV Broadcast services at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.

The proposed project targets for the second slice of the Austrian Space Programme is a seamless enhancement of the system based on and driven by customer requirements concerning DSP based monitoring of satellite signals, especially among other signals DVB-RCS. Most of the big satellite providers in the world have developed from pure transponder capacity providers into complete service providers (e.g.: Intelsat - the worlds biggest satellite provider who also uses the Siemens System SIECAMS for monitoring).

The new generation of multimedia satellite systems will offer bi-directional services via satellite and will enable satellite providers to offer their customers additional services, like Internet access, video broadcasting, etc.

With this increase of satellite channels, the needs of the customers will dramatically change within the next 2-3 years. It will be crucial to obtain more measurement results as fast as possible, with increased accuracy and additional information about the signals.

The realization of this project will enable the satellite operators to supply their customers with sustained quality of service and enhanced security against interceptors, based on continuous, fast, and reliable monitoring of their signals.

One main goal associated with this topic is to offer a low-cost measurement system for small satellite providers on the one hand and a high performance monitoring system based on COTS products to provide automatic carrier detection capabilities including enhanced analyses and in-band interference detection on the other.

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Siemens AG Österreich / Space Business - Erwin Greilinger Gudrunstrasse


Joanneum Research IKS TU Graz

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