Face to Face with: Christian Adelsberger/Ubiq

Christian Adelsberger's company is the best proof that space technology sustainably improves our everyday lives.

Face 2 Face with Christian Adelsberger

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"How can I find a parking space as quickly as possible?" A question that accompanies us all every day and often causes frustration and long searches. Especially in big cities, it is often difficult to park your car quickly and efficiently. Tyrolean Christian Adelsberger knows all too well how nerve-wracking this can be. And he has found a simple but great solution.

Initially called Parkbob, Adelsberger partnered with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop an app that uses satellite data and radar to enable fast and efficient parking. He wasn't just thinking about his hometown of Vienna, but internationally: a concept from which every city could benefit. The concept worked, and more than 60 cities and major corporations such as BMW, Amazon and Tomtom are his customers.

It also quickly became clear that the concept could be applied to many areas, not just parking. After a re-branding, Parkbob became Upiq, a pioneer in mobility sharing.

And Ubiq is not only an absolute role model when it comes to mobility sharing. The company is also exemplary in the area of gender equality: 11 out of 17 employees are female.