Face to Face with Jan Wörner/ESA

How does Austria compare with other nations in the space sector? ESA Director General Jan Woerner knows!

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Johann-Dietrich "Jan" Wörner served as former president of the Technical University Darmstadt and as chairman of the executive board of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) before succeeding Jean-Jaques Dordain as Director General of the European Space Agency in 2015.

Having worked worldwide, Jan Wörner knows about the benefits of working together and as well as growing together, and individually. As Director Genereal of the European Space Agency, he has an intricate knowledge of the space industries in its member states, which includes Austria.

"You (Austria) is covering all the different fields of ESA that means the science and exploration, the applications, earth observation, navigation, telecommunication but also the question and the aspects of space transportation. So Austria is Space.", says Jan Wörner.