CryoSat: Why it's so important to measure ice

10 years ago, Europe's first ever mission to measure polar sea ice thickness launched.
CryoSat (ESA/ATG medialab)

Nothing in the world is quite as captivating an breathtaking as a rocketlaunch, especially when there is an important mission on board! On the 8th of April 2010, in a remote desert location in Kazakhstan, the rocket lifting off was a Dnepr rocket, which was launched from an underground silo. On board: ESA's most remarkable Earth-observation satellite, CryoSat.

It has now been 10 years since CryoSat's mission to record changes in ice height, which are used to work our changes in ice thickness and ice volume. Important data that helps to understand the total amount of ice loss due to climate change. Today, this amazing and important mission continues to advance polar science and actually surpasses all expectations.

Find out more about CryoSat in the video! 

#OTD 10 years ago - CryoSat starts its mission!

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