Participation in the Second China Seismo Electromagnetic Satellite Mission with the Coupled Dark State Magnetometer

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

This project aims for providing an optical scalar magnetometer for the second China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES 2) mission which is due for launch in March 2021.

Contents and goals

It will have a similar orbit like CSES 1, for which the proposing team also developed a scalar magnetometer, but with a longitudinal difference of 90°. The combined observations of both satellites will double the detection probability of natural hazard-related events, will help to separate seismic from non-seismic events and will build-up a five satellite constellation together with the ESA Swarm satellites.

Expected results

The participation with the scalar magnetometer in the CSES 2 mission is mandatory for the accuracy of the magnetic field measurements and thus for the overall mission success. Furthermore, it will ensure that Austrian scientists and students are strongly involved in the technological achievements (reliability of a new technology and space qualification of a new sensor design) as well as scientific discoveries (earthquake related precursors in electromagnetic field data) enabled by this unique mission constellation.


Project Partners


TU Graz

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TU Graz
DI Dr. techn. Roland Lammegger
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