iPolSys mobile

Mobile Documentation Service for the iPolSys Integrated Police System

Short Description

The existing desktop solution iPolSys (integrated police system) provides the processing and graphical presentation of situations with geodetic and photogrammetric methods. It supports the investigator in starting from data input over processing up to the documentation and report generation of traffic accidents and offenses.

In order to offer a fully integrated system which also covers the digital data collection in the field, a mobile application with integrated GNSS module (RTK and post-processing) is developed within this project.

The main target is the consideration of legal rules and regulations as well as documentation standards for the seamless acquisition of all required data. Furthermore, the risk of data loss an input errors is minimized and a reliable source of information for responsible decision-makers in processes and disputes is established.

A tablet computer represents the basis of the mobile system. It runs the data acquisition software with intuitive user interface and utilization of all available ambient and motion sensors (e.g. take pictures, measure distances and angles). An external GNSS receiver delivers the required raw measurement data for processing by the RTK module of the mobile application to achieve positions of very high accuracy. The reference measurement data is delivered by a base station with well-known position. Under limited conditions, the measured data are only recorded and later processed in post-processing on the desktop.

With this mobile unit a high-precision position determination can be offered, building the base for detailed digital data acquisition of accident sites or crime scenes. Referring to form and report specifications, the user should be guided through the strategic and complete collection of all relevant data and notified on gaps by the system.

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OHB Digital Solutions GmbH

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Univ.- Doz. DI Dr. Karl Haslinger

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