Diagnostics of coronal dimmings associated with solar coronal mass ejections

Short Description

This proposal offers a detailed study on the physics of coronal dimmings, i.e. primary signatures of density depletion in the solar corona associated with coronal mass ejections (CMEs), the major sources of severe space weather disturbances.

Aim of the Project

The project has two main aims: 

  1. to analyse the relation between coronal dimming properties and decisive CME parameters (speed, mass) using an unprecedented set of multi vantage-point extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) and coronagraph imaging from current NASA and ESA missions (SDO, STEREO, SOHO, Proba2);
  2. to study the plasma characteristics in coronal dimmings based on high-cadence multi-wavelengths EUV imagery. 

The project results will provide us with a deeper insight into the overall process of the CME initiation and evolution. In addition, they have relevant implications for the forecast of Earth-directed CME arrival, the design of new instruments for space weather satellites, and the identification of CMEs on solar-like stars.

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