TM/TC Modem - Telemetry and Telecommand Modem and Interface Processing Equipment for EGSE and Ground Stations

This ASAP 8 project is designed to enhance the flexibility and functionality of our TT&C SCOE and Payload EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) solutions, but also to extend our business to the ground station area by elaborating the detailed requirements, system and detail design for a modem, both for EGSE and ground station systems. The concepts and design will be validated by practical investigations and evaluations.

Short Description

Siemens AG Österreich has a long-standing (more than two decades) and highly successful record of developing and delivering Radio Frequency Special Check-Out Equipment (RF- SCOE) and Telemetry, Telecommand and Control Special Check- Out Equipment (TT&C SCOE) for satellite and payload testing.

Based on the success of our new FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) based product line ProUST/ProUST+ we are confident that the consortium will be able to develop the baseline for an innovative and highly integrated TM/TC modem with leading- edge price/performance ratio.

Future Siemens TT&C SCOE, RF-Suitcase and EGSE systems will be based on our own highly integrated innovative products to provide our customers with outstanding performance.

Project Partners


Siemens AG Österreich, CMT (Communications, Media & Technology) - Werner Keim


  • JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, DIGITAL - Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (JR-DIG) - Michael Schmidt

Contact Address

Siemens AG Österreich, CMT (Communications, Media & Technology)
Werner Keim
Siemensstraße 90
A-1211 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (517) 07 42 635