SM Data Cubes

Data storage, access and transfer methods of multidimensional data cubes based on ASCAT soil moisture data

Short Description

AWST and TU Wien propose research to eliminate fundamental limitations originating from the current file-based approach to storage of EO data in general and soil moisture data in particular.

The objective is to identify and experiment with novel available candidate technologies to build an experimental "N-dimensional data cube" (NDDC) to store multi-dimensional gridded soil moisture data and to allow unlimited and efficient data retrieval.

The project results, including software, will be freely shared and will have a potential for application to EO data beyond the soil moisture domain.

Project Partners


AW Software and Technology GmbH

Project partner

University of Technology Vienna (TU Wien)

Contact Address

AW Software and Technology GmbH
Mariahilfer Straße 47/3/1
A-1060 Vienna