FRESSCO - Searching the Link Between Fretting Tests and Shaker Tests for Cold Welding

The project covers a detailed investigation of fretting phenomena during launch. The main challenge is to simulate conditions expected during the launch of a satellite. One part (one material) is subjected to very high acceleration and frequency while a second moves "freely" on it. Furthermore, the project will cover a review of requirements for testing, design, set-up and verification.

Short Description

Spacecraft subsystems contain a variety of engineering mechanisms that exhibit many surface contacts, which may be periodically closed up to several thousand times during ground testing and the operational life of the spacecraft. These contacts are usually designed to be static, but in reality they are often subjected to impact forces.

A main innovation step is the possibility to offer component testing under real launch conditions, which would avoid potential misinterpretations occurring in accelerated testing. This would represent a further step in the development of these components and enhance the reliability of validation.

Project Partners


Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH, Materials & Components Test House - Markus Fink

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Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH - Materials & Components Test House
Markus Fink
Viktor Kaplan-Straße 2
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt
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