RAPIDEM - Rapid Assessment Provision for Intelligent Disaster and Emergency Management

This project aimed at the development of information products and service structures supporting critical decision-making processes in flood disaster management for the Austrian disaster relief organisations. Time-critical data and information generation are a major factor in successful disaster management.

Short Description

The numerous large- and small-scale natural disasters that have occurred in Austria, Europe and worldwide in the past have prompted disaster relief organisations to improve their crisis management capabilities by using innovative communication and information technologies. Valuable image information for instance can be gathered on-demand from satellite and airborne remote sensing systems. Along with existing geo-databases, spatial information of the situation on the ground can be rapidly and objectively provided to disaster management organisations. 

The project integrates both the existing satellite TerraSAR-X near real-time service and an airborne multi-sensor data acquisition platform developed by JOANNEUM RESEARCH, which may include optical, thermal or infrared cameras, in order to ensure rapid data availability and an efficient support of decision processes in different emergency situations. New information products based on a combination of these different data sources and an optimized ordering, processing and management system are designed to provide Austrian decision-makers with a comprehensive and seamless service for emergency management.

A strong focus on interoperability and modularity ensures that these developments can be rapidly expanded and integrated into existing systems. The services developed are coordinated with the Austrian National Crisis and Disaster Protection Management (SKKM 2020) strategy and are tailored to the requirements of the User Executive Board of the project, which includes representatives from the regional governments of Styria and Lower Austria as well as additional experts in the field of emergency and crisis management.

Project Partners


JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, DIGITAL - Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (JR-DIG) - Hannes Raggam


  • GeoVille Information Systems GmbH - Andreas Walli
  • Vienna University of Technology, Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation - Markus Hollaus

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