ONE-SAT-ILS - One Satellite Geolocation System

The ONE-SAT-ILS project aimed to select one or two of the discussed solutions with the potential for implementation in a product. Potential was defined to mean technical feasibility in terms of effort (time and money) but also in terms of accuracy and performance. Furthermore, the chosen solutions were implemented in a prototype in order to evaluate the potential described above. The results obtained from ONE-SAT-ILS will be integrated in the Siemens ILS system in a subsequent project.

Short Description

The growing demand for satellite communication links, mainly forced by governmental programmes in order to provide Internet access and telephony even in poorly developed areas, and the availability of new technologies enabling cheap VSAT solutions for everyone (e.g. ASTRA2Connect from SES or Tooway from Eutelsat) lead to an increasing volume of satellite signals, but also to increasing interferences (as a result of bad installations or poorly pointed antennas).

Acts of terrorism or civil commotion (e.g. systematic jamming of western broadcast television in the North African and Middle East region, like Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iran, etc.) are another reason for increasing interferences.

Satellite operators are thus increasingly interested in solutions for not only detecting interferences, which is the main task of a satellite monitoring system, but also for localizing them. This involves geographically localizing, or geolocating, the transmit station of an interferer.

However, such localization systems have a crucial drawback: they need to receive the interference signal via two adjacent satellites for geolocation.

Siemens has developed a geolocation system, called SIECAMS ILS, which is already on the market. Based on requests from customers an internal discussion was started about the possibility to do geolocation with just one satellite with acceptable accuracy. In a "brainstorming project" various solutions were discussed and described in a concept paper.

Project Partners


Siemens AG Österreich CMT (Communications, Media & Technology) - Erwin Greilinger


AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH - Michael Nölle

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