NextNav - Next On-Board Navigation Receiver Advancement

The NextNav project prepared the next generation of receivers by performing mission analyses, establishing requirements, defining the verification environment and characterizing the RUAG Space GPS POD receivers for various types of applications. In addition, design trade-offs and architectural design concepts were elaborated.

Short Description

GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers represent a core product line of RUAG Space GmbH, based on expertise that has been built up over many years. RUAG has very successfully developed the GPS Precise Orbit Determination (POD) receiver resulting in orders for 20 flight models.

The NextNav project initiated the development of next generation receivers, which focuses not only on POD receivers, but also addresses other GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver market needs, like platform navigation receivers including geostationary orbits (GEO) and GNSS receivers for launcher applications.

A signal processing prototyping environment was established to evaluate and validate new channel processing hardware required for generating the spread-spectrum signals (code/carrier generation) and for performing signal correlation, together with the necessary software.

Additionally, the project improved the current generation of POD receivers by performing basic studies in the area of verification and radio frequency compatibility. The NextNav project thus helped to secure our market success for the future while opening up the potential for entering new, promising segments.

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RUAG Space GmbH - Alfred Werni

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