GIOMO - Next Generation Near Real-time Ionospheric Models

The objectives of the GIOMO (next Generation near real-time IOnospheric MOdels) project were the identification and consolidation of improved ionospheric modelling technologies, the software implementation of a selected refined model, and the final integration into the existing OEGNOS (Austrian EGNOS data server) software in order to improve the positioning accuracy for this augmentation service and thus to foster user acceptance.

Short Description

The project therefore started with a state-of-the-art analysis including a general description of the physical effects and the structure of the ionosphere between the GNSS satellites and the Earth’s surface with a focus on the TEC (Total Electron Content) as major observable, and an analysis of different existing observation methods and networks.

Based on these analyses, a survey and comparison of existing models were carried out, including possible refinement approaches. This led to the selection of the candidate model to be implemented, including refinement as pseudo-code and ionospheric model software module. The near real-time model OLG RIM (Observatory Lustbühel Graz Regional Ionospheric Map) was chosen from code measurements based on investigations in terms of statistics, stability, temporal and regional flexibility as well as availability.

Subsequently, the software module was integrated into the OEGNOS software, replacing the standard model currently used, in order to improve service accuracy. NeQuick was implemented as a backup model.

The OEGNOS software is an EGNOS-based augmentation service providing "improved" EGNOS correction to users via a terrestrial communication link. To enable the service for commercial off-the-shelf receivers without modifications, the standardized Ntrip protocol was chosen for communication between OEGNOS server and receiver.

Finally, static and kinematic tests were carried out using a test user terminal in order to analyse the accuracy gain achieved by the refined ionospheric model.

Project Partners


TeleConsult Austria GmbH - Albert Kemetinger


  • Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics - Robert Weber
  • Austrian Academy of Sciences, Space Research Institute (IWF) - Walter Hausleitner

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TeleConsult Austria GmbH
Albert Kemetinger
Rettenbacher Straße 22, 8044 Graz, Austria
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