MDS - MARS 500 - Multifunctional Dynamometer for Application in Space - Training and Diagnostics in the MARS 500 Project

The MDS project aims to develop a training and diagnostic device for application in space.

Short Description

The MDS project aims to develop a training and diagnostic device for application in space. The project is carried out by the Institute for Engineering Design and Logistics Engineering (IKL) of the Vienna University of Technology, the Centre for Sport Science and University Sports (ZSU) of the University of Vienna and the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

This project was motivated by the excellent results obtained during the collaborative MOTOMIR project, which started in 1991 and the knowledge gained in these experiments. The new concept envisages a variety of different resistance exercises in combination with the rowing exercise as a training option for the cardiovascular system.

The training force is produced by an electric motor and is linked to a training bar with two ropes. This concept facilitates the implementation of various training exercises, which activate many different and large muscle chains to achieve a time-saving and intensive training for the whole body. In addition to the free movement exercises, a linear and rotational guiding system is included to provide exact and repeatable diagnostics conditions to gather exact information about the physical condition of the user.

This concept was presented to the IBMP and refined for application in the MARS 500 isolation project at the IBMP in Moscow and on the International Space Station (ISS). Two prototypes of the multifunctional training device were designed and built during ASAP 5 (2007–2009). One of the prototypes was used in a 105-day test of the MARS 500 isolation project.

The results of this test were considered in the redesign of the MDS. An updated version of the MDS was integrated and used in the 520-day isolation experiment of MARS 500 during ASAP 7. A 6-member crew was isolated for 520 days in an environment simulating a flight to Mars, during which the crew members performed training sessions and diagnostic tests on the MDS.

The data were analysed and support was provided if necessary. After the successful completion of the 520-day test the partners from the IBMP once more expressed their interest in the use of the MDS on the ISS.

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