LOPT-GNSS - Hose Line Optimisation by GNSS

The LOPT-GNSS (Hose Line Optimisation by GNSS) project set out to develop a demo system which guarantees fast and efficient advancement of hose lines.

Short Description

A special challenge for fire brigades operating in difficult terrain and exposed locations consists in pumping water to the forest fire or burning building. In the case of extreme hose line lengths, each section of the hose line is supplied by a single water pump. Frequently problems arise due to the improper set-up of the numerous water pump locations.

For long-distance hose lines the locations of water pumps need to be determined according to hose line lengths, altitude differences and pump power. The misinterpretation of topography and time restrictions for the calculation process often made water supply impossible in the worst case.

LOPT-GNSS developed special software for an outdoor smart- phone based on an in-depth evaluation of different hardware platforms. Satellite navigation delivers accurate position information, which is augmented by a specially developed sensor box including a Bluetooth-capable barometer/compass. Based on these co-ordinates the innovative software calculates the most suitable locations for the individual pumps in real time.

A graphic user interface with geographic map data and interactive buttons was developed according to user requirements to enable error-free planning and secure guidance. The calculated pump locations are wirelessly transmitted to other fire fighter teams, who can navigate to the locations and complete the hose lines. The LOPT-GNSS system reduces staff requirements, ensures safe guidance in rough terrain and guarantees faster and more efficient water supply for fire-fighting. The LOPT-GNSS project was carried out by a consortium of SMEs and a scientific institution, professionals in the fields of mecha- tronics, navigation, geo-information and fire-fighting technology.

Project Partners


GeoMatica - Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Vallant - Johannes Vallant


  • Graz University of Technology, Institute of GEOinformation - Norbert Bartelme
  • Autohaus Josef Lang - Markus Lang

Contact Address

Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Vallant
Weiberfelderweg 14g
A-8054 Graz
Tel.: +43 (316) 282626
E-mail: j.vallant@geomatica.at