DIACERAM - High Thermal Conductive Ceramic-Diamond Substrates for Efficient Cooling of Next Generation of High Performance Space Electronics

The DIACERAM project focuses on the development of a next generation ceramic substrate material for application in electronic components.

Short Description

In many electronic applications ceramic substrate materials are needed in order to provide electrical insulation. At the same time the semiconductor chips are mounted on these substrates. Due to the generally higher increase of power density in electronic components there is a strong need for ceramic materials which are characterized by high thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of thermal expansion in order to allow reliable and sufficient cooling of the semiconductor chip. Today’s ceramic materials have thermal conductivities in the range of up to 200-260 W/mK.

The main goal of this project is to develop high thermal conductive substrate materials (>400 W/mK) by introducing synthetic diamond particles as a filler in a ceramic matrix. Diamond is the best thermal conducting material (1000-2000 W/mK), but there are many challenges in using it as a filler material.

A systematic analysis of thermal transport properties in a ceramic- diamond combination provides the basis for selecting the most promising candidate ceramic matrix materials for further material development.

Reducing the processing temperature is essential when working with ceramics in combination with diamonds. This will be achieved by modification of the ceramic matrix (using additives) in order to protect the diamond from decomposition/ graphitization when exposed to high temperature. In addition, a rapid processing technology will be used for the consolidation (direct hot pressing) to be able to apply high heating rates of several 100K/min in combination with short cycle times. The diamonds will additionally be coated with appropriate surface/protective layers in order to provide good compatibility with the ceramic matrix material and protect the diamond.

The developed materials are systematically analysed with respect to their thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. Application areas for such types of ceramic materials are to be found in various electronic modules (power packages, multichip packages, radiofrequency/microwave packages, hermetic packages etc.) used in telecommunication.

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