GeMIE - Generic Mission Independent EGSE Infrastructure

Short Description

As a consequence of the extreme price pressure, both in the commercial and institutional market, satellite manufacturers consider the industrialization of Satellite Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Test (MAIT) as essential for a significant cost reduction while at the same time improving satellite quality.

Our solutions for mission specific RF-SCOE (Radio Frequency Special Check-Out Equipment) and Power SCOE systems, as well as our Payload EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) systems, are based on generic, mission independent products, constituting our Satellite Payload and Test System product family. Although there are still different products for each type of EGSE, there are a lot of commonalities (experience, design, software) among the different elements. Only mission specific new features are added to the proven generic product element for the development of a mission specific EGSE element.

This approach significantly reduces the risk and overall price for "traditional" mission specific EGSE/SCOE turnkey solutions and has thus helped us to increase our competitiveness. However, different mission targets and hence specific requirements in many cases require project-optimized solutions in hardware and software. For a generic, mission independent EGSE/SCOE infrastructure, the approach outlined above is mandatory and must be implemented in an even more rigorous manner.

The GeMIE study addressed the following major tasks:

  • Analyse and elaborate a concept for setting up a programme and mission independent EGSE/SCOE infrastructure.
  • Elaborate the design for a harmonized and standardized EGSE on the subsystem level.
  • Develop the requirements, concepts and design for generic, mission independent Power SCOE software, including validation by means of rapid prototyping.

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Siemens AG Österreich CMT (Communications, Media & Technology) - Hannes Kubr

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