ADAM - Analytical Nonlinear Damper Modelling

The ADAM project was aimed at investigating the case that both the damping rate and the spring rate are non-linear and a function of the deflection, and that the damping rates and eigenfrequencies of the damper and the adjacent structure are different. This involved the development of a transient, non-linear finite element analysis model and correlation with a non- linear test specimen, a cable shock damper presenting highly non-linear behaviour.

Short Description

RUAG Space GmbH (RSA) develops and uses non-linear damping systems for space applications in order to protect sensitive items like spacecraft ion thrusters or spacecraft electronics from mechanical impacts during lift-off or prevent mechanical damage to spacecraft during transport.

Standard linear analysis methods cannot be applied for the analytical prediction of the behaviour of non-linear damped structures.

Such an analysis model can be applied to viscous damped deployments (e.g. to the RSA viscous dampers), elastomer damped units (e.g. RSA thruster pointing mechanisms) or cable shock damped units (e.g. RSA spacecraft transport units) and will help to minimize design loops or even tests.

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RUAG Space GmbH - Thomas Kessler

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