SVEQ 2 - GNSS Receiver SW Verification & Qualification Framework (Phase 2)

The present activity is the follow-up of a study already performed within ASAP 4. The first part, concentrating on the simulation based software qualification platform, was successfully finished. The second part comprises the remaining activities, mainly the target based software qualification platform, i.e. hardware in the loop testing and qualification.

Short Description

Both phases together aim at supporting inevitable product evolution by providing a framework for software verification and qualification, implementing it into our GNSS-receiver software. The need for such tools has been emphasized in the mean time by the differing software requirements of the various Sentinel missions even for a so-called "recurring" GPS receiver.

This activity is part of our product development program, aiming at the establishment of a product line of spaceborne GNSS receivers. Our strategy is to apply a synoptic view to all applications and to develop receiver components such and at such level that they can be applied to all space applications and that they allow for continuous, but gradual receiver evolution in line with technological progress and with the evolution of satellite navigation services. Apportioning component non-recurring costs to all applications is the only way to arrive at competitive products.

All elements of a GNSS receiver are ultimately united by the receiver software. Almost each and every hardware and/or system change will have software modifications, which comprises design, implementation and test, as a consequence. The effort to test and qualify spaceborne software systems with these stringent requirements in terms of functionality, reliability and maintainability typically make up about 50 % of the complete software development life-cycle.

The overall development activity of the GPS product line is an international cooperation between RUAG Space AB of Sweden and RUAG Space GmbH (Austria) being responsible for the precise orbit determination line. This cooperation builds on the respective technical expertise of the two companies in the radio frequency and digital processing area, respectively.

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RUAG Space GmbH - Georg Grabmayr

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