RF-Suitcase - Generic RF-Suitcase Core

So called Radio Frequency Suitcases (RF-suitcases) are required for every spacecraft, in order to assure compatibility of the spacecraft and every groundstation delivering support to the mission. An RF-suitcase contains a simplified, yet representative configuration of the satellite flight hardware in order to make these tests representative.

Short Description

The Generic RF-Suitcase core aims at procuring a generic platform that facilitates integration of hardware modules of different missions in a cost- and time-efficient way.

By that, the proposed activity shall strengthen the position of the Siemens Space Business Unit in its major core business and shall help extending our Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) and satellite test system product portfolio with a new product element: Just like all our other portfolio elements, such as

  • EGSE systems (RF & Telemetry, Telecommand and Control (TT&C),
  • Specific Check-Out Equipment (SCOE),
  • Power & Launch base SCOE,
  • Core EGSE, and
  • Payload EGSE,

the Generic RF-Suitcase will constitute the baseline for our future mission specific RF- suitcase turn-key solutions.

Offering a generic product as the baseline for the mission specific turn-key solution is essential both for winning the contract for a mission specific solution, and for implementing the project within time and budget and at the requested technical quality level. This approach significantly reduces the technical risk, schedule risk, and the overall cost.

Ordinary RF-suitcase designs tend to be completely mission- oriented and therefore strictly mission specific, while the ASAP 6 activity focused on:

  • Re-use as many hardware and software parts as possible
  • Provide a high degree of flexibility between missions through synergies with our ASAP 6 project ProUST (deploying an Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-based approach for all digital interfaces required within the Generic RF-Suitcase core)
  • Provide generic support for analogue interfaces
  • Support adaptation through configuration
  • Provide a software framework for configuration and execution (supporting all required configuration, control and monitoring activities) by massively exploiting our heritage of TT&C/ RF-SCOE systems (test procedures, database and graphical user interface)

This ASAP 6 activity is executed in cooperation with an SME, namely with Alexander Kerl Service (one-person company). This company is in charge of the elaboration of the generic analogue interfaces concept, as well as for cabling harness design and construction.

We expect that the proposed ASAP 6 activity Generic RF-Suitcase core infrastructure will put Siemens in a position to submit competitively priced offers for RF-suitcases without sacrificing quality or credibility, allowing Siemens to provide RF-suitcases for the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and commercial telecoms missions.

Project Partners


Siemens Communication, Media and Technology, Space - Robert Messaros


Alexander Kerl Service - Ing. Alexander Kerl

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