TripleM - Development of Methods for the Retrieval of Hydrology and Agricultural Parameters from Multi-temporal, Multi-sensoral and Multi-resolution Satellite Remote Sensing Data

Within this project multi-seasonal, multi-sensor and multi-resolution (TripleM) image data sets are investigated with respect to their operational and scientific utilization for agricultural and hydrological applications.

Short Description

The project work is carried out in a joint cooperation between the Institute for Information and Communication Technologies of JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (JR-DIG) and ENVEO Environ- mental Earth Observation IT GmbH. Emphasis of the work of JR-DIG is devoted to the retrieval of agricultural parameters such as field boundaries and crop types, while the contribution of ENVEO refers to snow hydrological parameters.

Information extraction is envisaged by simultaneous utilization of a broad variety of satellite image data as indicated above. This is a rather ambitious intention, implying the development of new and innovative approaches to process and utilize TripleM image data sets. Thus, the developments take into consideration the full range of data acquisition capacities of SAR and optical image data and their combination with GIS data. In this context the main emphasis is put onto present and future European SAR systems as well as optical missions, like the German missions TerraSAR-X and RapidEye.

The project results cover improved and validated algorithms and processing lines for:

  • Pre-processing of multi-sensor image data, such as matching- based co-registration of satellite data from different sensors
  • The retrieval of agricultural parameters, like typical field boundaries and temporal changes of field boundaries
  • The retrieval of improved snow extent products for snow hydrology
  • Development of concepts for assimilation of spatially detailed snow extent products from satellite data and meteorological data in snow process modelling
  • Validating satellite-derived products and testing their applicability, e.g. for updating existing GIS data

The achievements of the project will strengthen the activities of the project partners in GMES, in international programmes (ESA) and for value adding services and consultancies in remote sensing.

In this respect an advisory/user board is installed for the project, being constituted by industrial as well as scientific partners including Infoterra GmbH, RapidEye AG, Verbund AHP, or the Finish Meteorological Institute.

Project Partners


JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, DIGITAL - Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (JR-DIG)


ENVEO Environmental Earth Observation IT GmbH

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