The project analysed to what degree individual municipal departments could take the role of a "GMES-USER" or a "GMES-PROVIDER" and how such a role could efficiently support them in fulfilling their tasks. This was an explorative undertaking, focussing on the GMES Domain Land. It included information gathering, joint learning, technical analyses and a systematic screening of municipal tasks.

Short Description

The City of Vienna fosters innovation by following a systematic approach In order to foster innovation it is important to identify the potential of new technologies as early as possible and to follow a systematic approach. Therefore a systematic check of possible uses of GMES products and also of costs and efforts of such applications has to be considered.

The objective of the project "GMES and Vienna" was to identify potential applications of GMES in all areas of the city administration.

The objectives of the project were:

  • To raise the level of awareness for potential applications of GMES
  • To identify tasks where GMES products could possibly be of use and to deliver a differentiated evaluation concerning potential applications of GMES
  • To specify which steps should be taken next

More than 10 different departments out of the following areas were integrated into this project:

  • Emergency / Security
  • Statistics ("socioeconomic data")
  • Information technology (Geographic Information System)
  • City planning
  • Environment (protected areas, waste deposit monitoring, green areas)
  • Climate and energy (emissions, renewable energy, energy efficiency)
  • EU-Strategy (EU-Commission: strategy for the Danube Region)
  • Infrastructure (power plants, grid infrastructure, energy provision)
  • Surveying and Mapping


Results of the project "GMES and Vienna" are the following:

  • The expectation was fulfilled that GMES products can be applied in a number of areas.
  • At the same time the use of applications has still to be defined more explicitly and clearly. Once the use of an application is transparent, the necessary fundings have to be calculated.
  • All departments involved are now well aware of the content and scope of GMES.

Further activities cover a broad range from "observing developments in the GMES world" up to "preparations of potential pilot projects" for example in the area of forestry or air quality forecast.

Project Partners


Department for EU-Strategy and Economic Development - Christian Wurm


  • Wienstrom GmbH

Subcontracts with

  • EOX IT Services GbmH
  • Technopolis Forschungs- und BeratungsgesmbH

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