OEGNOS - Austrian EGNOS Data Server – Business Plan

Consequently the Austrian EGNOS data server (OEGNOS) shall provide an EGNOS data stream using authenticated terrestrial communication means and integrate additional local and regional meteorological information (ionospheric and tropospheric information) to provide higher position accuracy and continuous service availability. Specialised hardware or software shall be avoided, instead, standardized protocols shall be used in order to favour market penetration.

Short Description

The driving force for a research project aiming at developing an Austrian EGNOS data server is the requirement for continuous GPS correction data stream with high integrity and continuous availability that facilitates national coverage. The topography of Austria obstructs the direct line of sight signals of the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), therefore alternative transmission methods are considered. Furthermore, GPS/EGNOS signals do not provide the position accuracy required by various applications.

Potential applications are agrarian area determination, precision farming, inland waterway navigation or driver assistance systems (e.g. lane keeping). In case that GPS/EGNOS becomes an agreed or even required method for area determination on European level the OEGNOS system provides services within Austria, where EGNOS signals are not available any more.

Before the technical feasibility was shown, a business plan had been elaborated to prove the commercial viability of the OEGNOS idea. Therefore, the OEGNOS services were listed, and a patent research was accomplished. The market analysis of primary and secondary markets shows the addressable markets within Austria, Germany, or Switzerland.

The market development was critically elaborated. In the frame of a profit and loss analysis development, marketing, operation, and maintenance costs were opposed to the revenues and the break-even point was determined. Finally the risks of the development, of market introduction and of market development have been critically questioned.

The conclusion of the business plan of OEGNOS indicated that the service idea is viable, if the technical feasibility can be shown. This was the motivation for the ASAP 6 project OEGNOS 2. The OEGNOS idea was awarded at the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2008 in the category of GSA special topic prize.

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