USI - Phase 1: Unbrennbare Superisolation (USI)

Based on the multi-layer insulation technology for spacecraft, this technology transfer project focuses on the development of a novel, inert multi-layer thermal insulation, which satisfies the applicable requirements and standards for cryogenic vessels used for storage and transport of liquefied technical gases such as He, Ar, N2 and O2 , with respect to oxygen compatibility.

Short Description

In different work packages the cornerstones for the "Unbrennbare Superisolation - Phase 2" project are prepared. The requirement specifications for different applications are now well defined and adapted to the requirements of major cryogenic device suppliers.

Calorimeter measurements have been conducted at AAE on samples of non-flammable Superinsulation with a variation of residual gas pressures and boundary temperatures. Thermal models of the calorimeter and the sample were established to allow a confirmation and correct interpretation of these measurements. Gas flows through narrow gaps at low pressure in Superinsulation packages were measured and the impact of residual gas in Superinsulation packages was determined.

A diploma thesis to determine the effect of directional angular emissivity and absorptivity was performed in the framework of USI and provided additional information considering the effects to emissivity at very low temperatures.

Project Partners


Austrian Aerospace GesmbH - Michael Neuhäuser


  • Vienna University of Technology, Institut für Allgemeine Physik - Herbert Störi
  • ofi, Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Chemie und Technik - Martin Englisch

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