SPEF - Signal Processor Emulation Facility

The present emulation facility allows for efficient testing of the software running on a micro-processor that controls the Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) while the ASIC is still being manufactured at the foundry.

Short Description

Digital Signal Processing equipment on board of satellites usually comprises micro – or signal processors as well as associated Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). The design of such embedded digital signal processing systems is made complicated by the fact that ASICs have long manufacturing lead times. During this period engineering work concerning the whole system and in particular the development of software could be interrupted for several months.

With the availability of this facility delivery schedules of signal processing equipment can be significantly compressed, the efficiency of the entire development process can be increased and, thus, competitiveness of Austrian Aerospace in this product field is improved.

This tool is already being used during the development of the Galileo Signal Generator ASIC, a high-tech space qualified, radiation hard ASIC featuring more than 600 kGates. This ASIC generates the navigation signals of the Experimental Satellite (GIOVE-B) of the future European Galileo Navigation Satellite Constellation. The satellite is scheduled to be launched in 2008.

For the project described AAE has co-operated with Saab Space of Gothenburg who have contributed know-how regarding space borne micro-processor equipment.

Project Partners


Austrian Aerospace - Walter Hoermanseder

International Partners

  • Saab Space - Markus Borsand

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Austrian Aerospace
Walter Hoermanseder
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