DIGSTER Go & Map - DIGSTER – Digital Satellite Based Terrain Mapping: User Requirements

The project DIGSTER - Go & Map (Digital Satellite Based Terrain Mapping) aims at meeting user requirements of the technical aspects of digital terrain mapping. For many questions in administration, planning and expertise, terrain mappings are indispensable.

Short Description

During terrain mapping campaigns experts gather information in the field systematically and in a further step transfer the information into computer aided systems for processing, analysing and visualization purposes. The results of the project DIGSTER - Go & Map establish the basis of digital terrain mapping by developing the components and putting them together to a complete system.

In this phase the project has concentrated on the user requirements of digital terrain mapping. The whole process from data acquisition in the field up to the accomplished map products will be digitally performed by the system. Therefore, a platform appropriate for the use in the field (Personal Digital Assistant or Tablet PC) has been combined with technologies from the disciplines of satellite navigation, remote sensing, communication, and mobile geoinformation systems.

To support the field mapping process, a base vegetation map (scale 1:25.000) as background for field mapping has been developed. This vegetation map is built up by the combination of existing datasets in raster- and vector- format (e.g. satellite images, orthofotos, older vegetation- and landuse-datasets). This dataset offers the following advantages: on the one hand it speeds up the field work and on the other hand it provides a dataset of the whole area with a homogenous data-quality.

Based on that, the technical components for a digital terrain mapping system will be developed and integrated to the level of a "demonstrator" (preliminary study).

Project Partners


E.C.O. Institut für Ökologie - Hanns Kirchmeir


  • University of Technology Graz, Institute of Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry - Mathias Schardt
  • University of Technology Graz, Institute of Geoinformatics - Norbert Bartelme
  • JOANNEUM RESEARCH Graz, Austria - Bernhard Pelzl and Edmund Müller
  • TeleConsult Austria GmbH, Graz, Austria - Bernhard Hofmann-Wellenhof
  • Stand Montafon, Schruns, Austria - Bernhard Maier

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