EO-KDZ (EO-CCD) - Development of an Earth Observation Based Regional Centre for Crisis Data

The project aimed at conceptually designing an earth observation based regional centre for crisis data, which integrates all relevant components of geoinformation. One task of the centre is the rapid acquisition, processing and analysis of satellite data and mobile mapping data in the field of natural disasters and civil protection.

Short Description

The increase in natural disasters, humanitarian crises, and civil risks leads to a strong demand in actual geoinformation. Experiences in recent years have shown that such kind of geoinfomation needs to be given immediately before the events and often over large areas.

Sources answering to these information needs are earth observation data collected during or close to the events on the one hand, and information collected in the field via GNSS-based mobile mapping data on the other hand. Implemented via a centre for crisis data, they offer effective tools to assess crises, but also offer information for crisis prevention and reconstruction.

Relevant development tasks for the realisation of the centre for crisis data comprised:

  • Definition of requirements regarding the centre for crisis data in collaboration with the user group (State Government of Vorarlberg and the Tyrol, TIWAG).
  • Development of the conceptual design of the centre and its components taking also into account its technical hard- and software implementation and the definition of the expert team operating in the centre.
  • Evaluation of the different earth observation satellites regarding their implementation facilities for disaster monitoring and crisis management.
  • Set-up of a catalogue with satellite-specific data acquisition guidelines to be used in case of activation of the crisis data centre.
  • Evaluation of mobile mapping data regarding their implementation facilities for disaster monitoring and crisis management.
  • Definition of interfaces and formats of satellite data, mobile mapping data and further auxiliary data
  • Development and adaptation of methods for the generation of user defined information products and services in the field of crisis management and civil protection.

With the development of the centre for crisis information an integrated mobile data processing and geoinformation platform will be available, which can be activated in crisis situations e.g. caused by natural hazards.

Project Partners


GRID-IT Gesellschaft für angewandte Geoinformatik mbH - Frederic Petrini-Monteferri


  • alpS - Zentrum für Naturgefahren - Dr. Eric Veulliet
  • Universitätszentrum Rottenmann - Dr. Klaus Aichhorn
  • Institute of Geography, University of Innsbruck - Univ.- Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schöberl

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