AUSPRO - Austrian GNSS Service Provider

Short Description

The Road Map describing the set up of the European Satellite Navigations System GALILEO offers besides the so-called SIS (Signal in Space) Services also room for regional augmentations (Regional Service Providers (RSP)).

Today regional augmentations are most likely based on data of active GPS or GPS+GLONASS reference networks with a mean station distance of about 70 km. They usually offer customers Code-Range und Phase-Range correction data to allow sub-meter positioning down to precise positioning with cm accuracy in real-time. Even today these RSPs are in competition with a growing number of organisations and services offering GNSS corrections globally (eg. IGS, JPL,...) or on an continental scale (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS,...) via geostationary satellites or via the Internet.

In future, when also GALILEO becomes operational in 2012 or 2013, Navigation Satellite Systems offer the user community about 85 active satellites in Medium Earth Orbits which might allow for positioning accuracy of a couple of decimetres based on SIS Services without regional or local augmentations.

The questions raised in this project aim at ensuring technical and business opportunities of Austrian GNSS Service Providers.

We are planning to investigate in detail

  • the economic opportunities of Austrian Service Providers based on improved service levels compared to SBAS Services.
  • the future potential of high-precision geodetic applications, both static and kinematic ones such as the inspection of railway tracks and the online control of construction equipment, compared to applications sufficiently covered by SBAS augmentation Services.
  • the future optimum network geometry both from a technical and economic point of view (mean stations distance, ties to international coordinate frames,...) and the increased demands on correction data based on a variety of signals offered by receiver manufacturers especially with the start of the European Satellite navigation system GALILEO.
  • the future potential and user needs in positioning accuracy of geophysical and meteorological real-time monitoring systems (monitoring networks for disaster prevention, high frequency earthquake monitoring systems, tropospheric content of humidity for weather-forecasts,...)

Project Partners


Institute of Geodesy und Geophysics, TU Wien - Ao. Prof. Dr. Robert Weber


  • HiTec, Vereinigung High Tech Marketing - Dr. Susanne Fuchs
  • Wienstrom GmbH, Geschäftsfeld Netz, Referat Digitales Grundplanwerk - Dipl.Ing. Christian Klug
  • ÖBB Infrastruktur Bau AG T-Kom Services - Dipl.Ing. Manfred Stättner

Contact Address

Institute of Geodesy und Geophysics, TU Wien
Ao. Prof. Dr. Robert Weber
Gußhausstrasse 27-29 / E128
A-1040 Wien
Tel.: +43 (1) 58801 12865