TinyGHOST - Tiny GPS Hosted Sports Timer

Automated satellite-based time-measurement for professional motor sports, skiing, and public sports events. The project further includes integrated tracking services for search and rescue and tracking of wild-life animals.

Short Description

While "GPS" for most applications in the world refers to "tracking" and "navigating", another interesting aspect of satellite-based signals is „timing“. This project targets at amending time measurement at sports events in general and specifically motor sports and skiing.

Measuring time seems an easy and simple thing to do. Watching sports on TV, we get to know about the many ways to achieve results. Using photoelectric barriers, connecting start and finish by cables, counting units of measure and subtracting two values are always the first basic approaches to most different forms of chronometry. But the traditional way in some cases requires significant efforts for reliable, quick and accurate information.

Some events necessitate up to twenty specialists to measure, transmit, score, and finally publish the results.

In contrast TinyGHOST facilitates a solution in a highly automated fashion requiring only a minimum of personal capacity, infrastructure and a fraction of the time to make it run in new environments.

Providing user-friendly intserfaces, establishing quick data- transmission links, building most reliable hardware based on satellite technology and finally simplifying the usage of the complete system are key issues to guarantee a successful product for a broad range of applications.

Flexibility and mobility of the equipment requires small, self-contained units including special GPS-modules optimized for highly accurate timing, a high-speed processor for calculating algorithms, GSM for data- transmission and high energy batteries for extended endurance under severe conditions and tough environments.

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Werner Oberegger
Durisolstrasse 7
A-4600 Wels
E-mail: gps@c-n.at
Web: www.c-n.at