PISA - Position Information System for Time- and Location-based Analysis

Within the scope of the project PISA a system will be developed which registers vehicles’ movements by utilizing GPS technology. At the same time, data about actual weather and road conditions (e.g. rainfall, ground temperature) are collected. Both are stored in a central database, which is connected to a geo-information system.

Short Description

The amount of road segments which needs to be maintained and cleared increases steadily. This poses new challenges for snow crews and road maintenance companies in their daily work.

Based on this automatic documentation, up-to-date information about the roads’ condition for statistic evaluation and analysis purposes is constantly available. The data can also be used as preservation of evidence in case of legal procedures. Moreover, drivers acquire an assistance system which documents their service.

The system to be developed consists of a client/server architecture, by which the client determines the current position, reads further state data and encrypts and transmits both to a server. The positioning is handled by a GPS or the Galileo system; differential GPS enables scalable accuracy.

The server receives and decodes encrypted data from the client and forwards it to the proper services. These can record the data, visualize the information on a map or send data back to the client using GSM-based radio technologies.

Test drives with two or three vehicles will be conducted during the pilot project. Each vehicle will be equipped with a terminal, which is connected to other sensors (snow plug, scatter unit, temperature measurement, etc.). This allows transmitting up- to-date vehicle data, which will be evaluated by a server. The result should be an automatic driver’s logbook as well as a visualization of the vehicles’ positions in a web-based GIS application.

Project Partners


RISC Software GmbH - Wolfgang Freiseisen


  • Amt der OÖ Landesregierung, Geoinfirmation und Liegenschaft DORIS - Kurt Pfleger
  • EBNER Electronic Gesellschaft m.b.H - Walter Ebner
  • Energie AG Oberösterreich - Gerhard Gaigg

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