NetMSI - New Technologies for the Multimedia Satellite Infrastructure

The objective of this project was to contribute to the development of key enabling technologies to support expanding opportunities.

Short Description

After several years of stagnant growth, the satellite communications sector in Europe now sees promising opportunities of expansion in the years ahead. These expectations mainly derive from (i) ongoing developments in terrestrial telecommunications, in particular the emerging transformation of the terrestrial infrastructure into all-IP networks, and (ii) successful sector-internal technology developments, such as the introduction of DVB-RCS (Digital Video Broadcast – Return Channel via Satellite) networks.

According to the various relevant areas of expertise of the involved project partners, these contributions cover different fields, as follows:

  • Improved IP Encapsulation: A novel encapsulation method for the MF-TDMA return link of DVB-RCS systems was specified. This method, which was optimised for IP traffic, significantly outperforms the standard methods currently employed in DVB-RCS systems.
  • Emerging Protocols for Communication Control in Multimedia Satellite Systems: A previously developed novel communication control protocol for multimedia satellite networks (termed Sat-SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol for satellite networks) was extended for enhanced operational effectiveness.
  • Performance Evaluation of Satellite UMTS Networks: A powerful network simulator for third generation satellite networks (developed for ESA) was extended to facilitate a detailed analysis of congestion control techniques.
  • Satellite Ground Station Test Automation: Separation of different levels of abstraction by using a common approach for the simulation tools for testing new ground station Telemetry and Telecommand equipment.

Project Partners


Siemens AG Österreich, Vienna - Josef Rammer


Joanneum Research, Graz - Michael Schmidt

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