MEDNAV - Management of Emergency Devices Based on Navigation Technologies

The goal of the MEDNAV-Project is to determine the exact present position of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and forward this information in real-time to Emergency Dispatch Centres in order to minimize the time between sudden cardiac arrest and resuscitation.

Short Description

If the resuscitation with defibrillation shocks starts within five minutes, the patient has a high chance to survive a sudden cardiac arrest. For that purpose an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is used, which is a small portable device that is easy to handle.

An additional positioning unit was developed to determine the actual position of the AED. The unit can be mounted externally to the AED or alternatively transported together with the AED in the backpack.

The outdoor position of the AED is determined via GPS. Indoors or at places with weak GPS-signals the positioning is taken over by wireless- or Bluetooth-LAN. The unit is also able to detect an acoustic signal from the AED indicating that the device has been activated.

Furthermore an acceleration sensor is integrated in the positioning unit to detect any movement of the AED. Via GPRS the positioning information is transferred to a central MEDNAV- server where a specifically developed software processes and stores the data.

This software handles the communication with the positioning unit, calculates position information based on indoor environments and allows a remote configuration of the unit via SMS (Short Messaging Service). All data is stored in a central database. A Geographical Information System visualizes the position on a vector map or satellite picture of Vienna.

The system is applicable for the following purposes:

  • Patient transport ambulance and „First Responder“
  • Risk patients
  • AED in enterprises and public locations

Project Partners

Coordinator Andersen & Moser GmbH - Konrad Maitisch


  • FH Joanneum GmbH
  • GEOSPACE Beckel Satellitenbilddaten GmbH
  • Universitätsklinik für Notfallmedizin
  • Vereinigung High Tech Marketing
  • Wiener Rotes Kreuz

Contact Address Andersen & Moser GmbH
Konrad Maitisch
Teslastraße 4
A-8074 Grambach