go.forest/mobile - Independent mobile SatNav device as supplement for a web-based Forestry Management- and Information System

The main idea of go.forest is to create a web-GIS-platform which enables horizontal and vertical cooperation and implementation of complex workflows in a user friendly way.

Short Description

Forestry in middle Europe, notedly in moutainous regions, requires significant efforts to remain competitive to Scandinavian or northeast European timber production. In Scandinavia timber logistics are highly developed. In Austria the small-sized structure of landparcels, high harvesting costs and considerable legal restraints due to nature protection are the most obvious handicaps of forestry in alpine regions.

Selling timber, forest enterprises are generally too small to face the much bigger sawmills or pulpmills on the buyers’ side. They therefore start multiple cooperations with neighbouring forest owners in order to get better prices. On the other hand forest enterprises have to rely on very specialized contractors for timber harvesting, timber transport and silviculture measures.

As a continuous principle the actual state, all planned measures, and all executed measures have to be geocoded.

Thus spatial patterns become visible instantly. A central data base in combination with a highly sophisticated user management will control availability of data and functions due to the defined user roles. Mobile SatNav devices for forest rangers, harvesting contractors and hauliers will provide proper coordination data along the whole workflow of timber production. Forest areas in mountainous regions cannot rely on a complete coverage by GSM signals. Remote systems therefore have to be designed for both online and offline capabilities.

Project Partners


Umweltdata GmbH - Günther Bronner


Igisa GmbH - Gernot Wurzer

Contact Address

Umweltdata GmbH
Günther Bronner
Loquaiplatz 12/4
A-1060 Vienna
E-mail: g.bronner@umweltdata.at
Web: www.umweltdata.at