High Performance Superinsulation for Long Term Vacuum Stability

Within this project Beyond Gravity wants to perform a research and development programme concerning specific thermal insulation for use in vacuum insulated double wall steel tank systems for storage of liquid gas as Helium or Hydrogen. Such tank systems shall be used e.g. in medical applications or hydrogen propelled cars. Hydrogen propelled cars may become important for the deployment of sustainable energy sources.

Short Description

Multilayer insulation is the leading-edge technology to thermally insulate high temperature gradients under vacuum conditions. Beyond Gravity extended its activities into the field of insulation systems for cryogenic application in 1993. Such insulation systems are to be developed for liquid gas systems according to technical requirements.

Using the experience from space business and from former cryogenic programmes at Beyond Gravity the spacer material has been identified as the crucial material for application in automotive tank systems because of important effects of the spacer for the thermal performance, flammability of insulation and influence to degradation of vacuum.

Beyond Gravity wants to cooperate with the European Space Agency (ESTEC) to carry out data base research for materials and achieve testresults for similar applications. A close partnership with the Technical University in Vienna, Institut für allgemeine Physik, Prof. Rudolf Dobrozemsky has been established to investigate vacuum technology and the outgasing of materials. And finally the University / research institute Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Dr. Holger Neumann shall perform tests of different multilayer insulation compositions with different types of spacer materials. Further tests are planned for oxygen-compatibility.

The final goal of this programme is the generic qualification of insulation which can be adapted for use in future technical applications. Planning:

  • Phase I Investigation/development of materials and tests
  • Phase II Selection of materials versus tests
  • Phase III Performance of tests

Project Partners


Beyond Gravity Austria GmbH - Günter Königsreiter


Vienna University of Technology, Institut für Allgemeine Physik - Rudolf Wilhelm Dobrozemsky

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Beyond Gravity Austria GmbH
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