SSPP - High-end Spaceborne Signal Processing Platform

The objective of the activity is to evaluate the feasibility and pinpoint the critical areas of new, high-performance signal processing concepts, which are necessary to fulfil future spacemission requirements in the area of science, earth observation, and telecom applications.

Short Description

Due to the up-coming obsolescence of European space qualified signal processors and the growing demand on processing power new signal processing concepts for space applications are required.

Thus the architecture of a highly flexible (configurable, programmable) spaceborne digital signal processing module with exceptional performance in terms of data throughput and interface capabilities will be established.

This is the first step of an initiative towards the development of flight representative hardware. Novel methodologies for the design of integrated electronics (ASICs, FPGAs) are required to achieve good radiation tolerance and high data throughput simultaneously.

In view of the challenging and interesting objectives of this activity Austrian Aerospace has won the interest of Alcatel Space (F) to contribute to this study. Alcatel Space - as one of the few international prime companies - will contribute by providing their insight of future application requirements and critically commenting the established processor architecture.

The output of the study will be the detailed specification of the hardware architecture, substantiated by trade-offs, performance analyses, VHDL-prototyping and simulations.

Project Partners


Austrian Aerospace - Georg Grabmayr

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Austrian Aerospace
Georg Grabmayr
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