GPS Receiver - Global Positioning System Receiver Software Modules

The project aims at designing and developing software modules for a navigation receiver for space applications complements and at developing the so-called Innovative Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Receiver.

Short Description

This is performed by the Austrian Aerospace which is under contract of the European Space Agency (ESA).

The mentioned activity focuses on the development of the Navigation Receiver Hardware Modules and the basic receiver software in a modular way in order to make it easier to adapt the system to different mission requirements. Thus, the next logical step to achieve a marketable product is to enhance the basic receiver software, which is a very specific development for space applications, based on know-how already available at Austrian Aerospace.

The basic function common to GNSS receivers is processing of the spread spectrum signals emitted by GNSS satellites. This step is required in order to reduce the data volume, since there is an ample bandwidth of GNSS signals. In its basic configuration the instrument also performs real-time navigation, using the signals received through the zenith antenna.

The instrument uses the navigation results to control its operation. It exploits the received navigation messages and timing information in order to monitor the movement of the GNSS constellation as well as its own movement (or state vector), and autonomously decides which satellites to acquire, to track or to release.

The software modules developed in this ASAP contract will be integrated into the target hardware and verified within the Innovative GNSS Receiver acceptance test campaign.

Project Partners

Austrian Aerospace GmbH - Georg Grabmayr

Contact Address

Austrian Aerospace GmbH
Georg Grabmayr
Stachegasse 16
A-1120 Vienna