FLEET - Fleet Logistics Service Enhancement with Egnos & Galileo Satellite Technology

In the project FLEET a travel time information service based on vehicle-generated data (Floating Car Data) was developed and demonstrated for the Vienna region for the use in TrafficTelematics Systems.

Short Description

By integration of a taxi fleet (radio taxi 31300) comprising a certain amount of (approx. 800) taxis, the driving patterns of taxis, which were registered by the control system of the taxi fleet, were transmitted to a data server for travel time calculations.

The travel times of all road segments in the testing area, calculated in real- time, were archived in a database developed by arsenal research, Transport Technologies, and were combined with typical time series corresponding with the traffic state. They formed the basis for developing algorithms to interpret and forecast travel-times which were compared and verified with up-to-date traffic information by a radio station (Krone Hit R@dio).

To ensure the optimum economic commercialisation of the project, an institution specialised on eco-scientific know-how (HiTec Marketing) made an accompanying study. The cost effective travel time information, obtained without having to install additional expensive road infrastructure, can be used for fleet management, for travel-time information services (e.g. by producing a traffic-state image), and as a medium-term planning tool for administration.

Based on the standardised interface between the FLEET system and the taxi radio system, travel-time calculation and representation of the current travel state via Floating Car Evaluator is interoperable and can be integrated in 45 other central units of the taxi radio system, which are operational in 38 cities of the European Union. A rapid implementation of the developed system is therefore possible for other cities in Europe.

Project Partners


ARC Österreichisches Forschungs- und Prüfzentrum Arsenal GmbH - Martin Linauer


  • Funktaxi 31300 - Nikolaus Norman
  • KRONEHIT 107,5 - Rüdiger Landgraf
  • HiTec Marketing - Johanna Berndorfer

Contact Address

ARC Österreichisches Forschungs- und Prüfzentrum Arsenal GmbH
Martin Linauer
Faradaygasse 3
A-1030 Vienna
E-mail: martin.linauer@arsenal.ac.at